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Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative

Personal Enrichment

Fiddlehead/Foraging Basket


with Jessica Steele

Calendar Apr 8, 2023 at 10 am

Whether hiking in the forest or wandering in your garden, this will be a nice basket for fiddleheads, mushrooms, or herbs.  Size is approximately 4” Width x 8" Height x 10" Length. All materials included.


Full Course

Drawing - Artist Sketchbook Spring 2023


with Suzette East

Calendar Apr 11, 2023 at 9 am

Drawing Participants can bring in their artist sketchbook and add to it: a sweet little chipmunk on a pine bough. Learn how to use a variety of multimedia materials such as pens, watercolor, watercolor pencils and graphite to complete this adorable scene. Decorate your finished page with fur looks, papers and gems, or bring your own special finds. Supplies Needed: 2h, 4h graphite pencils, assorted watercolors pencils, water colors, permanent fine line drawing pens (black, brown or sepia are preferred), liner brush, small short round, lg watercolor brush (ETC), waterbin, odorless turp. tortillions, kneaded eraser, 9x12 – or larger smooth bristol or mixed media pad.

Painting - '57 Chevy Spring 2023


with Suzette East

Calendar Apr 11, 2023 at 12 pm

A novel scene of a classic ‘57 Chevy as seen through barn doors. Learn about grayscale painting in creating a very realistic wood look feature to the barn and learn about overpainting a base painting to get that truly old rusty ‘57 Chevy look. Supplies Needed: 16x20 stretched canvas, 1-1 1/2” flat shader, ½ flat #10, #2 round -this is my medium round, #1script liner, ¾ mop or soft scruffy, small stiff scruffy or old brushes, sea sponge, q tips, Divided water bin, paint trays, paper towel or cloth, lt brown watercolor pencil, acrylic retarding medium, SET of basic artist acrylic colors: Mars black, Titanium white, Burnt umber, Ultramarine blue, Thalo blue, Yellow light, Thio or Acra Magenta or quinacridone, and cad red.

Be an EMPOWERED Empath! Spring 2023


with Angie Butler Welch

Calendar Apr 11, 2023 at 6 pm

You’ve heard the term but do you know if you are one? Here are just a few signs: Do you read or feel people's emotions without even trying? Are you highly sensitive, feeling everything very deeply? Are you known as a human lie detector? Do you find people always gravitate towards you for help or advice? Do you often feel overwhelmed in large crowds? Feel overly sensitive to the news? Found yourself in a relationship with a Narcissist? You might be an empath! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and drained, Angie will teach you how to be an empowered empath so you can use these “sensing” abilities to feel confident, become a powerful manifestor, and an incredibly compassionate healer and friend.

Arts & Crafts with Michelle: Summertime Kitty Porch Greeter Spring 2023


with Michelle Cross

Calendar Apr 20, 2023 at 2 pm

Michelle Cross is a retired educator who has a lifelong passion for crafting of all types. Creating beautiful works of art with friends is sure to make these classes a pleasure for students of all levels. All supplies provided by Michelle, but please bring your own brushes. Sign up for one, two or all three classes!

Welcome Spring Truck Spring arrives this year in this colorful truck with its cargo of flowers, birdhouses, butterflies and a bunny! A cheery way to brighten your door! Cutout provided - bring your own brushes.

Summertime Kitty Porch Greeter Everyone will feel welcomed when they see this adorable cat on your porch. The birds even seem content with their “guard” watching them. All wood provided - bring your own brushes.

Summertime Gnome Paver Your summer garden or porch will be extra colorful with these three gnomes. Their beards are a bright variety of flowers in beautiful summer colors. Pavers provided - bring your own brushes.

Ukulele: Basics, Strums and Fingerpicking Spring 2023


with Susan Abel

Calendar Apr 20, 2023 at 4 pm

You can learn to strum and fingerpick songs in 6 weeks and have fun, too. Learn to play the basics and how to maintain your instrument. Ukuleles are an excellent and easy first or tenth musical instrument to learn to play -- but like all instruments, ukuleles are a challenge to master. Ukuleles come in 4 different sizes, soprano, tenor, baritone and bass. It is recommended for students who don’t have a ukulele to look up information on the ukulele and visit a music store to see which size is best for you or wait until after the first class where you will be able to try out all ukulele sizes and tunings. If you are already a ukulele player this course will help you brush up on and learn more ukulele strum patterns, chords and chord variations, and fingerpicking playing style. Susan Abel has been teaching the ukulele to adult education classes for many years. She is a member of the Penquis Ukulele Players and Some Reel People Band.

America’s Boating Course Spring 2023


with Dan Seneca

Calendar Apr 22, 2023 at 8 am

The basic ABC course is designed to familiarize the student with the fundamentals of safe boating and to qualify for certification in most states that require boating education before operating a watercraft. Coverage includes learning some of the terminology used by mariners to describe boat terms, types of hulls and types of boats. Safety equipment, including types of life jackets, fire extinquishers and visual distress signals. Trip planning, navigation rules and aids, state and federal regulations, anchoring, dealing with adverse weather conditions and emergencies, VHF radio communications, trailering, and knots and lines. The information is useful for users of all sorts of watercraft (power, sail, paddle) and for both ocean and freshwater boating. The course includes an examination. If time permits a basic discussion of navigation and use of charts.(not part of exam). For specific course questions, please contact instructor Dan Seneca at 564-7369 or Enrollment Deadline April 12, 2023

Piscataquis River Walks Spring 2023


with David Slagger

Calendar Apr 25, 2023 at 4 pm

David and students will gather at PHEC, and then meet up at a variety of locations along the Piscataquis River. We will gather and identify native plants, look for indigenous tools and artifacts, and gather plants to process. Please bring a gathering bag, dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear. All meeting areas will be easily accessible with parking areas. Children 10 and up are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian. David Slagger is a Maine ethnohistorian, a Maine State Archives Researcher, a former Tribal Representative in the 125th Maine Legislature, and a teacher for 25 years.

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